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Thursday, 18 September 2014

My own quotes, i have made them myself

Hi guys sorry for not posting for recent days. I have nothing to post so today i decided to post my own quotes on my blog.

1.If you want to know the importance of your parents ask the one who lost them
2.Good people are like a tree whatever you do with it but it will give you sweet fruit
3.Your best friend is not the onewho give you good things, your best friend is the one who give you sweet fruit.
4.never cry for the people who cant understand the importance of your tears
5.If you want to be good then be like a torch because a torch help people to find their way
6. I dont respect elders i respect behaviour because many are elders but some are good.
7.You Get the worst thing from the one you expect better.
8.Life is a race if you dont run fast you will be dead by others foot.
9.I dont like the teacher you teach to earn, i like the teacher who earn to teach.
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